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How to Add Subtitles to Video

Here's a simple handy guide for you to add subtitles to MP4, AVI, MKV, any video format as well as your digital/DVD movies, TV series and music videos. You can add .srt, .ass, .ssa and .sub subtitle files to the video and output as Hardcode Subtitle or Soft Subtitle as choice. Easy steps to extract subtitles from video to srt/ass/ssa files can also be found here.

Hardcodec Subtitle: The subtitle you added to the video, which can be image subtitle or text subtitle. Hardcode Subtitle can't be removed or turn on/off during the playback.

Soft Subtitle: The subtitle your video contains originally, which is usually a specially marked-up text with time stamps. So it can be turned on and off during the video playback.

Part 1. How to add subtitles to video.

Step 1 Get editing window.

To get started, you need to add video files to the program first, then choose the Video Editor section and click the Subtitle tab to get the editing window.

how to get editing window

Step 2 Import subtitle files.

Click the Subtitle tab in the top of the editing window, and then hit the option and you can see a Add button, click it to import subtitles from your local computer if you have downloaded them beforehand. As an alternative, you can click the search icon to search subtitles online directly.

add subtitle to video

Step 3 Customize subtitle settings.

Now you can choose the font color, size, style and more for the subtitle, adjust subtitle transparency and position to your preference. Click OK to save all changes.

customize subtitle settings

Step 4 Convert videos with hardcodec subtitles embeded.

Click the drop-down button beside Output Format: to choose an output format and click Start to start converting. Once completed, you'll get the video file with subtitles under Finished tab.

how to edit video

Part 2. Choose multiple subtitles and audio tracks when playing.

You can keep all subtitles and audio tracks in the original video so that you can turn on and off any subtitle or audio track you want when you play videos on TV (only works on MP4 and MOV output format). Learn how to choose subtitle or audio track you need using Wondershare UniConverter, also easy steps to extract subtitles from videos.

Step 1 Choose subtitles for playing and exporting.

Launch Wondershare UniConverter and add a movie at the Video Converter interface. At the Target bar, click on the first drop-down icon shown as the screenshot below, and a Subtitle list will open, from where, you can do the following options:

choose multiple subtitles

  1. No subtitle: Remove subtitles from your videos.
  2. Keep all subtitle track(s): Keep all subtitles in your video as internal subtitles, which can be turned on/off when playing if you save the video as MP4 and MOV.
  3. Embed subtitle(s): You can find all your subtitles contains in your video, choose one to output and it will be printed on the video (can't be switched on/off when playing).
  4. Export subtitle(s): Extract the subtitles from the original video and save as srt, ass, or ssa files.
  5. Add: You can also add subtitles to the video by clicking on this button.
  6. Edit: When choosing one of the embed subtitle, you can click the Edit button to open the Subtitle window and make customization.

Step 2 Choose audio tracks for movie playback.

Click on the second drop-down icon on the Target bar, you can open a drop-down list where shows all audio tracks of your video. Choose one or several audio tracks you want to save for playing.

choose video audio tracks

Step 3 Preview changed videos (Optional).

After all changes have been saved, you can preview the videos by choosing subtitles and audio tracks. Move your mouse to the video thumbnail and you'll see a Play icon, click it to play the video. Hit the Subtitle icon to choose a subtitle you want, and tap on the Audio icon to switch audio tracks.

play video with subtitles and audio tracks

Step 4 Play videos with multiple subtitles and audio tracks.

Choose MP4 or MOV format as output from the Output Format: drop-down list. Remember only MP4 and MOV video formats allow turning on and off any subtitles when watching on TV. Finally, click on the Start All button to save all changes and convert the video. If you have extracted subtitles, the subtitle files can be found by opening the folder-like icon under the Finished tab.

play video with subtitles and audio tracks

Now, you can play your videos on TV with any subtitles and audio tracks you want. Enjoy your movies with the help of Wondershare UniConverter.

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