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¿Cómo Se Usa Wondershare UniConverter (antes Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate)?
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Login with Wondershare ID & Update

1. Purchase Wondershare UniConverter for Mac.

Wondershare UniConverter for Mac comes with a free trial version that supports functions with a number of limitations as shown below.

trail version of Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

If you wish to use this professional software with all its power-packed features you need to purchase the program plan as needed. Click on the See Pricing button to remove all limitations.

buy Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

Or you can purchase the plan by opening drop-down options at UniConverter at the top-left corner and then selecting Purchase option from there.

purchase Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

1.2 Log in UniConverter with Wondershare ID or registration code.

Click the Login Wondershare UniConverter - Register Wondershare UniConverter button to log in and use UniConverter. You can log in using Wondershare ID with Password (The email address you purchased/signed up Wondershare UniConverter/Wondershare PDFelement/Wondershare Filmora) or Licensed Email with Registration Code (The information you have purchased Wondershare UniConverter before December 9, 2019). Enter you information and click on the Log in/Register button to continue using Wondershare UniConverter on your Mac.

Both accounts are available now, but we recommend that you'd better to upgrade you old license email to Wondershare ID for free.

log in UniConverter for Mac with Wondershare ID

After log in successfully, you can view your account information with email address, current plans, and several account options.

UniConverter Mac account information

  • Upgrade Now: Click the Upgrade Now button to purchase Wondershare UniConverter or upgrade your current plans.
  • View My Account: Click this option to open the Account Center page, from where you can view your account details and manage your purchased products.
  • Change Password: Change your Wondershare ID password for Wondershare UniConverter for Mac by clicking on this option.
  • Log Out: Log out your current Wondershare account for UniConverter on Mac.

1.3 Sign up Wondershare ID new account.

If you haven't purchased Wondershare UniConverter, you can sign up a new account to use. You'll see the Create account here button on the interface after clicking the Log In button in the right-top corner.

sign up Wondershare ID for UniConverter Mac

Then you can see a new interface to ask you input the email and password, finish the asked information and click on the Sign Up button to sign in.

sign up UniConverter for Mac

Tips: See what you can do in Wondershare Account Center from here.

1.4 Checking for updates.

Time to time, the updates for the software are available to enhance its overall functionality and features. To check the version of the software and to update the same, listed below are the steps.

Step 1: On the main software interface, click on the UniConverter button and select Preferences. Select the General tab from the pop-up window. Here choose the option for updating your software daily, weekly, monthly, or never as needed from the Check for update option.

update Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

Step 2: If you have chosen to update your software daily, a pop-up window will appear. At the Live Update window, click on the Update Now button to download the latest version of the software.

Step 3: After the latest version of the program is downloaded, click on the OK button to terminate and install the new version. If you want to install the new version next time, click on the Cancel button.

Note: If you are comfortable using the same version of the software choose Never option for the update so that there is no automatic update. In case if an update is required any time, you can do it manually from the Menu tab.

check for update of Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

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