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Video/Audio Soluciones

General Preferences

The General section offers chooses 4 types of settings:

change general settings of Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

  1. Play sound on task finished: This option can be used if you want to get the sound reminder on completion of the task. Disable the option if you do not require this reminder.
  2. Subtitle coding mode: There are multiple languages supported by the software and this section can be used to select the Display language.
  3. Reset all dialog warnings: To reset all the pop-up warning dialog to its original settings, use this option.
  4. Check for update: The section allows you to check for the software updates automatically. Here you can also set the frequency when you want to check the updated version of the program

Click on the OK button to confirm the changed settings.

Convert Preferences

The Convert tab of the Preferences window allows you to choose and select the parameters related to the conversion functions.

change convert settings of Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

  1. Automatically add files to iTunes after conversion: To add the converted files to your iTunes library automatically after the conversion process, enable this option.
  2. Keep Chapter Markers: Enable this option to keep the original information related to the chapter on your DVD. When the disc is converted to another format, the information will be there in the converted disc. If the option is not selected the information related to the chapter will be removed after the conversion process.
  3. Keep Media Metadata: Enable or disable the option as required
  4. Remove the source file(s) from the Converting list after conversion: Enabling of this option will remove the files from the converting list automatically after the process
  5. Load contents in a DVD: In order to load the disc contents for conversion you can choose to add All Movies or Main Movies Only.
  6. Maximum convert tasks: By default, the value is kept at 1 task which you can also choose to keep it at 2 for simultaneous conversion.
  7. Reset: In order to reset all the convert section settings to its factory settings, this option can be used.

Clicking on the OK button will confirm and save all the selected settings.

Download Preferences

The downloaded files can be managed under this preferences section.

change download settings of Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

  1. The maximum number of downloading tasks: Here you can choose the number of simultaneous tasks. The values can be selected from 1-8 and the default value is 4.
  2. Set One-Click Download mode for YouTube: Your YouTube videos will be downloaded in preset parameters Choose Video or Audio as a file, Quality, and Subtitles language.
  3. Auto download YouTube playlist Subtitles/CC: This option can be used for downloading the YouTube video subtitles automatically.
  4. Automatically resume unfinished tasks on startup: On enabling this option, the unfinished tasks will resume automatically as the software is launched.
  5. Merge the subtitle/CC to the output video: Subtitles can be integrated into the video by enabling this option.
  6. Reset: Clicking on this button will reset all the Download settings to factory settings.

Clicking on the OK button will confirm the settings.

Location Preferences

The location of the downloaded, converted and recorded files can be selected through this tab.

change location settings of Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

  1. Save Converted Files to: Choose location on Mac to save the converted videos.
  2. Save Recorded Files to: Here choose the Mac location to save the recorded files.
  3. Save Burned Folder/ISO files to: Here select Mac location to save the burned discs and ISO folders.
  4. Save Downloaded Files to: Downloaded files will be saved at the location selected here.

Hitting on the OK button will confirm the changes.

Accounts Preferences

Wondershare UniConverter allows you to adding details of your Facebook, Vimeo, Lynda, and Nicinico social networking accounts so that you can download the private videos that are shared over these accounts with you and also download the videos which are age restricted.

accounts settings of Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

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